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Boosts Efficiency, Accessibility, and Resource Sharing

Atriuum boosts your efficiencies with its core library functions and features for managing your collection, while giving your students and teachers access to the resources they need. In addition to circulation, cataloging, inventory, patron management, custom reports, and Web OPAC, Atriuum also offers many other powerful features.

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Features & Highlights:

  • Quick Cataloging with built-in Z39.50 client
  • Powerful, customizable reporting features
  • Patron managed renewals, reserves, watch lists, reviews/ratings, etc.
  • Flexible OPAC templates including over 100 themes
  • Mobile apps for Andriod and iOS mobile devices
  • Seamless eBook integration with OverDrive, RBDigital, and others
  • OPAC Snapshot content enrichment service options
  • SURFit™ federated search options
  • Student Information System (SIS) integrations
  • LDAP and Google SSO capabilities 
  • Off-line circulation


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Customizable OPAC Themes

Artistic Themes Allow You to Cater to Varied Audiences

Innovative options allow you to create a unique search interface and messaging platform for your patrons. Choose from over 100 different themes plus nine delivered layouts, or create a custom layout with as many interactive widgets as you need for your OPAC home page.

Spirit Week Theme


Spirit Week Theme
Inspirational type theme showcasing a 5 widget layout.

Forrest OPAC Theme


Forrest Theme
Modern type theme showcasing a 6 widget layout with a custom image.