Barcode Readers

Barcode readers are a necessary part of your automated library system and will increase speed and accuracy when circulating or performing an inventory. We offer stationary, cordless, and mobile scanners for use with mobile devices. 100% guaranteed to work with your Book Systems' software.


Stationary Barcode Reader Image

Stationary Scanners

Our stationary scanners are designed to meet a wide range of scanning needs and budgets. These scanners include an adjustable hands-free stand and a 6 ft. cable with USB connectivity.

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Cordless Scanners

Our cordless scanners utilize Bluetooth technology and provide the added convenience of being portable. These scanners can also be used as a stationary scanner while resting in their USB charging base.

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Mobile Scanners

Our mobile scanners are designed to connect to both Android and iOS mobile devices using Bluetooth technology. These scanners are small, durable, and lightweight, and include rechargeable batteries.


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