Data Services

You Can Trust Our Expertise

When it comes to your data, we understand the importance of maintaining its integrity.  With over 25 years of experience, you can trust our expertise when handling your critical records and can be assured that they will be protected.    

Book Systems offers a variety of data services including Full-Retrospective Conversions, electronic data transfers from an existing ILS or textbook management system, and MARC enhancement services.  

Data transfer from another system - “We’ll do the work for you!”

We have successfully migrated data from many systems, including:



Biblionix – Apollo




Follett – Athena

Library World

Follett – Destiny

PC Card Catalog

Follett – InfoCentre’


Follett – Windows Circ./Cat+

SIRSI - Dynix

Follett – Winnebago Spectrum

…and virtually any other ILS


Our data management team works closely with each customer, providing them guidance and instructions for exporting and uploading their data to our secure FTP site.  Once we’ve received their data, we carefully analyze it and report any issues to the customer.  Our data management team will provide suggestions and options to the customer, and will provide a solution for fixing reported issues.

From this point forward we do the work for you.  Once our team is finished migrating your data to the new system, a review site is provided to you for your approval and acceptance.  

Full Retrospective Conversions

For libraries automating for the first time, we offer full service retrospective conversions from shelf-list cards to a USMARC-21 electronic format.  This service is a very effective, time-efficient way to get your library automated.

Study Program Enhancement Service

Book Systems offers an invaluable service to enhance your MARC records with complete Accelerated Reader, Reading Counts, and Lexile data, eliminating the tedious task of manually entering reading program information.  Maximize your reading program investment by promoting frequent use of your reading program titles, and making it easier for your students to find books matching their reading levels.  

Brief – to – Full MARC Enhancement Service

Having incomplete data in your system makes searching your collection difficult for your patrons and increases the chances of materials getting misplaced on the shelf.  Update your brief records to full MARC and instantly enhance and increase the usability of your library system.