Impressive Features for Your Patrons and Staff

Atriuum has scores of great features for managing your library as well as for giving your patrons access to the information they need.  We’ve included a few highlights here.  For a complete look at Atriuum, please request a live demo of the program.

For Patrons

Captivating OPAC Interface

Captivate your patrons with our exciting new OPAC interface!  Choose from 10 layout options to customize your library's catalog.  Included are new features like our interactive "What's Hot" carousel, "Featured" items widget, and tabs for easy access to Lists, Links, etc.  Enable your patrons to log into their accounts to create bookbags, watch lists, and to reserve or renew materials.

We've doubled your choice of themes to give your catalog a fresh and inviting look.  Themes are available for general use, seasons, or special holidays and events.  Some new theme options are National Library Week, Breast Cancer Awareness, Cinco de Mayo, Football, and more.

Integrated Digital Content:  eBooks & Audiobooks

Digital Content: ebooks & audiobooks

Finding digital content in the library has never been easier for your patrons.  Using the Media Search option in Atriuum, patrons can quickly search and access all of the eBooks and Audiobooks your library offers.      Learn More>>>


The Community feature in Atriuum is designed to help you re-envision the library's role as a central, public space to bring patrons together to share knowledge and skills. Community posts can advertise groups, clubs, special events, workshops, and more.

Using the OPAC interface, patrons can quickly search for keywords and find not only traditional library resources but also Community posts for organizations and activities that are related to their search term. Community posts provide descriptive details along with a logo, contact information, website, calendar of events, and direct links to social media resources.   Learn More>>>

Mobile Searching

The mobile app for Atriuum gives your patrons instant access to your library collection from their favorite mobile devices. Works on iPad™, iPhone™, Android™ tablets and phones, and other mobile devices.

Using the mobile app your patrons will be able to:

  • Search the library catalog
  • View Book Lists
  • See “What’s Hot!”
  • Rate and Review Items
  • Reserve Items
  • Manage Their Account and Bookbags

Want to know if an item at a bookstore is available at your library?  Use our mobile app’s “Scan ISBN or Barcode” feature!  When the item is found, the full details are displayed along with the item status and availability.      Learn More>>

OPAC Snapshot

OPAC Snapshot is a content enrichment subscription service that instantly enhances your Atriuum OPAC search results with Cover Images, Tables of Contents, First Chapters, Author Notes, Summaries, Reviews, and more.  Subscribing to OPAC Snapshot is the best way to provide supplemental content that patrons have come to expect.      Learn More>>

ComPeer Search

ComPeer searching provides the ability to easily connect and share your library catalog with other libraries using Atriuum, regardless of where they are physically located.  With ComPeer enabled, your patrons can expand their searches beyond your library catalog and see results found at other Atriuum sites in your area.


Promoting the People, Places, and Things visual search index, our cartoon guide named Vizzie takes kids on an adventure exploring your library catalog.  Now you have a choice of Circus, Fairy Tale, Halloween, Patriotic, and Seasonal KidZviZ themes.

Automatic Patron Notifications

Being able to effectively communicate to your patrons is vital to your library whether it’s to announce recent library acquisitions, “What’s Hot”, library events or sending automatic e-notifications for overdue or on-hold items and personalized watch lists of favorite authors, series, or subjects.  Atriuum gives you the tools to keep your patrons informed.

For Staff

Quick Cataloging

      Cataloging has never been easier!

Quick Cataloging feature lets you instantly search, download, and retrieve USMARC records in a single step.  Simply scan or type in the 10 or 13-digit ISBN and retrieve records from any of the six Z39.50 server databases (including the Library of Congress) containing over 14 million records.  After a match is found, the details of the record are instantly displayed enabling you to add, delete or modify, and save the record to your library’s database. 

Impressive Customized Reporting Capability

Atriuum enhances your reporting capabilities in as many ways as you can imagine.

  • Filter reports for specific data types and date ranges
  • Generate standard reports or real-time customized reports tailored to your needs
  • Customize reports by adding/removing columns, data types, and sorting
  • Create and save periodic and frequently used report templates
  • Schedule automatic report generation and email delivery for any standard or saved report templates
  • Export report data for use in other programs

Supplemental Modules, Services, and Programs

Additional modules are available to meet the needs of your library:

  • Acquisitions – create, budget, and manage orders
  • Authority – import and manage author and subject authority records
  • Bookings – reserve materials in advance for a future date or range of dates
  • Debt Management – streamline the process of handling collections
  • Serials – manage print subscriptions

A complete listing of additional supplement modules, services, and programs for Atriuum are located under “Enhancements”. 


To request a demo of Atriuum or request pricing, click here>>