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The Public Library is the beacon of information in your community. Whether it’s international, national, state, or local information - whether it’s in books, videos, or digital format – and whether it’s for patrons from the Greatest Generation to Boomers to Gen X to the Millennials - your community’s library must offer access and easy to use services to all your patrons.

Book Systems’ 100% Web-based Atriuum library management program offers you a highly advanced and robust on-line system giving you and your patrons instant access to your library’s resources from any computer or mobile device.

Community, exclusively available in Atriuum helps libraries re-envision their role as a central, public space to bring patrons together to share knowledge and skills.
Library staff can easily create Community posts for activities or programs sponsored by the library.  Patrons, such as quilters, amateur radio enthusiasts, gamers, writers, programmers, scrapbookers, artists and more can post their own events or groups.  Community posts can include descriptive details along with a logo, contact information, website, calendar of events, and direct links to social media resources. Once posts are “approved,” patrons can search the catalog and find library resources along with Community posts related to their search terms.
With Atriuum you’ll have a cost-effective and time-saving system that streamlines dozens of your most time-consuming tasks including automating email communication with patrons.  Your patrons will love their new ability to dive deeper into your catalog and better manage their accounts from creating bookbags and watch lists, to reserving and renewing materials, to rating and reviewing their favorite titles.
Plus, with our stress-free, cloud-based hosting solutions and the best support in the industry, we believe you won’t find a better management system for your library. Before you choose, be sure to listen to what our public library customers have to say.  We’ve earned their trust and we know we will earn yours.

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