Debt Management Module

Simplify collections without alienating patrons

Our debt management module for Atriuum provides an automatic system for referring delinquent patrons over to a collection agency so your library can recoup fines for late, damaged, or lost items, as well as outstanding fees.

Atriuum will automatically collect the patron records that match the criteria specified by the library and will deliver the reports to the agency, as well as report changes in the patron's account payment status. 

A variety of settings are available:

  • Automatically sync reports to a collection agency, like Unique Management
  • Define a minimum balance a patron owes before sending to collections
  • Include overdue item projected fines
  • Set minimum number of days an item is overdue before sending the patron's account to collections
  • Exclude certain patron circulation classes i.e., staff or children
  • Automatically charge a handling fee to patrons sent to collections

Seamless with minimal staff involvement

Atriuum provides reports to the library detailing the patrons involved. On a nightly basis, related payment and items returned information is reported by Atriuum back to the collection agency. This process greatly reduces the stress of dealing with collections and requires minimal day-to-day staff involvement.

Partnered with:

Home of the Gentle Nudge Process

Unique Management Services (UMS) provides a combination of written communications and telephone calls that are specialized to provide a Gentle Nudge to encourage patrons to return materials to the library while still maintaining patron goodwill.


For more information, please contact your Book Systems' sales representative.