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Partnered with ProQuest's Syndetics Unbound, Book Systems' OPAC Snapshot Unbound service adds a modern, attractive, and responsive user interface. The result is a unified enrichment solution to quickly and affordably transform your Atriuum OPAC search results.

Customize your enrichment options by enabling, disabling, reordering, and configuring the elements that suit the unique needs of your library.

Enrichment Elements Included

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Tags Summary Book ProfileLexile Reading Level Look Inside Awards Series Browse Shelf You May Also Like

Video and Music Professional Reviews Video Games Reader Reviews Also Available As



OPAC Snapshot is a subscription service that instantly populates your search results with Cover Images, Table of Contents, Author Notes, Summaries, Publisher Reviews, and more.


Enrichment Elements

  • Cover Images
  • Table of Contents
  • Author Notes
  • Publisher Reviews
  • First Chapters & Excerpts
  • Summaries

      and more.

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