Booktracks is a highly configurable, 100% Web-based Asset Management system that can be adapted to meet the needs of any size district or institution.

Accessible Anywhere

Because it’s completely Web-based, Booktracks never requires a java-client application or other client software to be installed on your local computers. Whether you’re cataloging, issuing textbooks, equipment, or performing administrative tasks, access to Booktracks is fast and easy from any computer connected to the Internet using a standard browser.

Stress-Free Set-Up, Hosting & Maintenance

Sixty-five percent of new and upgrading clients select our low-cost, stress-free hosting solutions.

Why? Because we reduce your equipment costs and free up your IT personnel by managing all your technical needs such as hosting, networking, trouble-shooting, backups, and upgrades.  The most important benefit is making your technology STRESS-FREE, giving you fast and worry-free access to your Booktracks asset management system 24/7.    Learn More>>>


For IT departments preferring to host their own solution, Booktracks can be installed on a dedicated physical or VM server running either Windows Server 2003, 2008, 2012 or Debian Linux OS.  Book Systems’ team of experts can help advise you on hardware configurations that will best meet the requirements needed to run Booktracks. 


Booktracks is built on top of the open source PostgreSQL database. PostgreSQL is one of the most versatile, relational databases on the market today. This powerful database provides robust performance with minimal to no maintenance required.

Other Booktracks Technology Advantages


  • Eliminates the need for a dedicated server located at each site.
  • Includes unlimited user access.
  • Uses existing client Web-browser technology; no additional client software to be installed or maintained, greatly reducing administrative overhead.
  • Supports Windows and Linux servers and includes a built-in Web server with a powerful PostgreSQL database engine.
  • Does not require an underlying commercial database.
  • Installation and upgrades are a “snap.”  Upgrade and support your entire district from a central location.


  • Supports the complete range of central office administration and staff functionality (i.e. Circulation, Cataloging, Inventory, Reports, Searching, etc.).
  • Built-in Quick Cataloging provides instant access to textbook data for copy cataloging.
  • Robust administrative reports that are customizable to fit the needs of any size district or institution.


  • Central or building level cataloging can be accommodated within a district level implementation.
  • Centralized access with full administrative control over the configuration of patron/student classes, circulation periods, policies, fines, etc.
  • Circulation and searching can be restricted by location and/or by worker logins.
  • Enables automated routine tasks such as backups and importing student data.


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