A Commitment to Your Success

At Book Systems, our dedication to our customers goes well beyond the deployment of our software. We are committed to providing our customers with a positive experience that starts with a successful implementation.

We follow a simple three-step approach consisting of Data Services, Implementation, and Training.  A dedicated Book Systems’ Project Manager will work closely with you and your staff, guiding you through the implementation process.

Your dedicated Book Systems’ Project Manager will:

  • Develop a personalized timeline based upon available training dates and when you expect to “Go Live” in your new system. 
  • Provide guided step-by-step assistance, export data from your existing system, and upload your data to Book Systems’ FTP site.
  • Work directly with our Data Management Team and communicate any questions regarding the transferring of your data. 
  • Perform regular status follow-ups with your Project Leader.
  • Participate in project team status calls.
  • Assist with meeting your target dates.

If converting from an existing system, your assigned Project Manager will provide you with instructions for exporting your data and uploading it to our FTP site.  Our Data Management Team will then begin the process of transferring your data. During this process, any questions or concerns are communicated to you, directly through your Project Manager, insuring that your project stays on course.