Manage Your Assets with Ease and Efficiency

Booktracks meets the challenge of managing your textbooks and other assets by readily providing you the tools and information necessary so you’ll know exactly what you have, where it is located, and who’s responsible for it.  Whether you are an administrator, an IT professional, or a building manager, Booktracks makes managing your assets easy and efficient. For a more complete look at Booktracks please request a live demo of the program.

For Administrators

Cataloging and Processing:  The Quick Cataloging and Quick-Add Holdings features built into Booktracks simplify data-entry and processing. Quick Cataloging allows you to scan or type an ISBN from any textbook and download state adoption textbook data directly into Booktracks' catalog entry screen.  The Quick-Add Holdings feature provides the ability to quickly add copies either mid-year after textbooks have been distributed to students or prior to distribution. Importing assets is easy with Booktracks.  If you have records stored in a file, you can upload those directly into your database.  

Print barcodes directly from Booktracks using a standard printer or purchase one of Book Systems’ high-end label printers and label stock.  Pre-printed barcodes and other label supplies are also available.

Course Data by Site:  Based upon student enrollment, you can view course information for a school building, a group of schools, or all schools at once to ensure that each student has the required textbooks and assets needed for their classes.  The report displays the following:

  • Number of students or teachers enrolled by course
  • How many copies of textbooks or pieces of equipment are physically available
  • Number of items currently checked out
  • View “extra copies” to see if there is a surplus or deficit

Student enrollment can either be manually entered or imported from an exported file produced from your Student Information System.

Authorized building level staff can submit requests for additional textbooks or assets as needed.  Administrators can view these requests and decide how to fulfill them by loaning or moving extra copies from one school to another or purchase additional copies.  Administrators can fully or partially approve or deny a request.

Inter-School Building Loan:  Facilitates and stream-lines the process of transferring textbooks and equipment from a central distribution center to individual schools, or transferring items between school buildings to accommodate shortages or special needs in the district.  When transfering a group of items, a single "batch" barcode can be printed, so the receiving school can simply scan a single barcode and mark all items arrived.  

Entity Responsible:  Booktracks offers you the flexibility to create entities that provide additional means for tracking textbooks and equipment. Entities can be teachers or staff members who are responsible for distributing, collecting, and managing textbooks or equipment or a physical location where textbooks and equipment are stored, i.e., classrooms, storage areas, etc.  Our robust reports allow you to know exactly what you have, where they are, and who is responsible for them!  

Forecast Expenditures:  Expense reports available in Booktracks allow business administrators to make critical financial decisions for budgeting and forecasting expenditures. Booktracks provides statistics for lost items, fines collected or owed, and items up for adoption.

For Building Level Staff

Distribution & Collection:  Booktracks offers a variety of methods and features that simplify the distribution and collection process of your textbooks and/or equipment.  Self-check out/in features give teachers the ability to checkout items directly from the classroom. 

Electronic Notifications:  Booktracks includes form letters that can be printed or emailed to students/parents that list items out or fines/fees owed.  By using these form letters, you can increase collection of fines/fees for lost or damaged items, reducing your expenses.

Inventory Management:  Booktracks enables you to streamline your physical inventory process with features that allow you to run multiple inventories concurrently.  Improve speed and accuracy by using a Book Systems' Cordless Linear Imager or Pocket Memory scanner. 


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