Asset Management

Booktracks protects your most valuable assets!

In today's world, keeping track of textbooks, eReaders, tablets, laptops, and other costly assets is critical to controlling your budget.  With Booktracks, you get an easy to use yet powerful Web-based program with textbook AND asset tracking capabilities that will save you time and significant dollars.

Booktracks enables administrators to know exactly where each textbook, device, and other assets are located at any point in time and creates accountability and responsibility among students and staff.  Booktracks also helps you eliminate unnecessary expenditures on replacements by making the sharing of resources within your district easy, tracking assets each step of the way.

Reasons to choose Booktracks:

  • Streamlines distribution and collection of resources
  • Substantially reduces loss
  • Makes students and staff accountable
  • Enables forecasting of needs based on course enrollment
  • Provides access to electronic textbooks
  • Tracks all of your devices
  • Offers invaluable reporting features

Booktracks has saved our clients millions of dollars while also ensuring that students have the materials and equipment they need to succeed. Take control of your assets and your budget today with Booktracks!

Madison City Schools Saves Over $200,000
by Tracking Textbooks Electronically and Focusing on Accountability


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